PHP Web Development

With over 10 years of experience building large scale PHP applications, the Virvo team can produce any PHP application required.

Virvo’s goal is to provide software solutions to help your business grow and strengthen. Using PHP as a platform to deliver these software solutions, we can ensure rapid application development of custom applications, and project completion within strict deadlines and tight budgets.

The opensource nature of PHP and its close integration with other opensource software such as Apache, Mysql and various Linux distributions makes it the perfect language for building custom applications.

Perfection Delivered

Virvo specialises in developing complex, high-traffic websites – using PHP and Ruby. Our team of PHP experts know perfectly well that when a project is delivered, it has merely reached the first stage of its long life. Ongoing maintenance of a complex application costs a business much more than its initial development – which is why at Virvo we take pride in delivering applications which adhere to industry best practices and strict coding standards. Our vision of forming long-lasting relationships with our clients, means we focus on providing the absolute best PHP development services.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

One of the biggest problems with the small learning curve of PHP, is that it provides the opportunity for inexperienced programmers to write poorly coded applications. Although the application may function correctly – any adjustment or maintenance becomes painful and costly. Poor code can also lead to security flaws, making your business prone to malicious attacks. At Virvo, we perform rigorous audits to ensure our applications are secure and maintainable – saving your business money on a long term basis.

We are often brought in to clean up the mess of spaghetti code left behind by offshore development firms or inexperienced programmers.

If you suspect your bespoke application may be poorly coded or insecure, or would simply like a second opinion – you may be interested in requesting an application security audit.